Youth Adventure Camp

Especially for those who want to explore the outdoors activities

We at Ratnadurga Mountaineers bring you Adventure Camp including a variety of adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Jumaring, River Crossing, Zipline, Rappelling, Ladder Climbing, Caving, Rope Course, Burma Bridge, Rope Course, Rope Balancing, Trekking, Bird Watching, Camp Fire, Art and Craft, Team Building Activities and of course Tent Stay..!

If it scares you & excites you at the same time, it probably means you should do it………

If you want to build confidence, independence and life skills, nothing brings out & tests that independence more than giving some time from your daily life.

Our camp allows for a chance for you to truly understand the thought that goes into making a good decision & will discover even more about yourselves in the process through the different activities……..

Push the limits, living life to the fullest!!!!!

1. The Adventure Camp will be conducted in Ratnagiri. (Schedule will be announced before 1 month of conducting the camp)
2. Accommodation: in tents at the campsite (Separate arrangement for Boys & Girls)
3. We will provide tea twice a day, breakfast, pure veg meal & mineral water.
4. This camp is for both Boys & Girls participants.
5. We have both Gents & Ladies instructors.
6. Separate Bathrooms & Toilets facilities for Boys and Girls.
7. There will be a complete ‘First-Aid Kit’ available at the campsite. Instructors are trained to give first aid. First Aid Kit will be located in every Activities area During Camp.
8. Electricity will be available at the campsite. The campsite will have toilets with running water.

  1. A Ruck-Sack / Haver Sack / Any Back-pack which can hold the following items.
  2. One Small Sack/ Back Pack to carry water bottles and small stuff for day to day activities.
  3. Canvas Shoes with Rubber soles or similar Sports shoes (For Activity).
  4. Slippers / Chappals (After activity time)
  5. Cotton Socks (3 Pairs)
  6. Full-Sleeve colorful T-Shirts (Cotton preferred) (4 Nos.)
  7. light weight trousers (Cotton preferred) or Track pants (2 Nos.)
  8. Personal Undergarments (2/3 sets minimum); light weight towel,napkin
  9. Bedding (Sleeping Bag or Light Blanket)
  10. Water Bottle of Min. 1 lit capacity
  11. Torch with a spare set of batteries
  12. Sunscreen Lotion, Sun hat/Cap, Scarf, Electrol , ORS or Glucon D
  13. Note Book, Pen, Sewing Kit, Spare laces, Safety pins, Mosquito repellent cream, Toilet requisites:Tooth Brush,Tooth Paste, Soap, small quantity talcum powder, 2-3 Plastic bags (Assorted sizes).
  14. Bring medicines if you need any.
  15. Please Do Not Bring cash, gold or other valuable ornaments, mobile phones, wrist watch, any food items, comics or any other books, or anything other than the item specified in the ‘Camp-Kit’ list.

Note :  We have a great team of certified & experienced Outdoor experts; We use good quality safety equipment for all our events. Our Volunteers have updated knowledge and are efficiently trained for our events.

1. Keep the campsite clean as you wish to see.
2. The meals are strictly vegetarian, made hygienically, considering the requirements of the kids
3. Keeping Safety of the participant in mind, the instructors may not allow some participant to participate in some activities.
4. Parents and/or guests/relatives of the kids are not allowed to visit the campsite during the camp.
5. The Camp-in-charge’s decision in any matter related to this Camp is final.
6. No plastic littering
7. Any damage to property or equipment is chargeable.
8. In case of any medical problems during the camp, the participant(s) shall inform the organizers at the earliest.
8 All adventure activities involve a certain amount of risk due to the inherent nature of these activities.
9. Ratnadurga Mountaineers is committed to taking all possible precautions to minimize the risks.
10. Cell phones and electronic items are not permitted during camp hours.
11. Ratnadurga Mountaineers will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen electronic item or cell phones.

Every year we conduct a Summer Adventure Camp(May) and Winter Adventure Camp (December)

Dates: To Be Announced

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