Caving Information

A unique adventure unlocking the unknown and wondrous world of basalt stone caves in Ratnagiri beneath the huge Ratnadurga Fort. Caving is an adventure activity full of physical challenges and an outlet for a real explorer’s spirit, not to mention a great way to keep fit. It is an experience of nature unlike any other – not just close to nature but within nature itself. The experience is incredibly rewarding where magical sights, thousands of years in the making, sculpted rocks, the delicate formations and habitat hidden inside the cave for years are a joy to behold. The caver may walk, twist and squeeze, they may climb, stoop and crawl, and they may plunge, wade and swim, ascending and descending through the wonderful spaces left between rock and water.

Ratnadurga Fort Cave Highlights:
Cave Stone Type: – Basalt.
Total Cave length: – 325 ft.
Water journey length: – 250 ft.
Cave depth in water area: – 20 to 25 ft.
Cave width in water area: – 9 to 10 ft.
Cave Height from Sea Levels: – Approx. 30ft.

Caving Sites in India:
Meghalaya – East Khasi Hills, South Garo Hills, Jaintia Hills.
Maharashtra – Only in Ratnagiri.

Three Golden Rules of Caving:
” Take nothing but pictures “
” Leave nothing but footprints “
” Kill nothing but time “

Note: We have a great team of Certified & Experienced Outdoor experts. We use good quality safety equipment for all our events. Our Volunteers have updated knowledge and are efficiently trained for our events.

1. Water Bottle Mandatory.
2. Shoes or Sandals are a must.
3. Avoid traditional costumes. Dresses like saree, salwar suits, kurta and dhoti.
4. Carry valuable goods like Camera, Ornaments on your responsibility.
5. Extra pair of clothes to change

Cost – ₹ 500/person

(Single Person 500/-, 5 People 450/-, 10 People 400/-)

Cost Includes –

Activity Photos, First-aid and Caving with all safety equipment and experienced adventure experts.

Cost Excludes –

Anything which is not mentioned in cost includes.

The cave near the breakwater wall at Ratnadurga fort is completely naturally prepared with seawater. At the time when the breakwater wall was built, the road break from the sea and the cave was built up to the water wall and the contact with the sea was broken. (Even today the seashells are appeared to be sticky in the cave.) In time, because of the rainwater coming from the mountain edge of the cave, in the cave, now 250 feet long, 8 feet wide and 15 to 20 feet height of the freshwater is ready. The total length of this cave is 325 feet and the final tapering is completely stopped and the water level is 30 feet from the ground. This cave & the cave on the fort or a large cave in the bank of the fort are not inter-linked to this cave but some irresponsible individuals and organizations consciously raise the rumours that these three caves are connected for publicity. Local people used to go to cave water because of eagerness. Members of Cave Explorer, Mumbai and members of Himadri Mountaineers, Ratnagiri first tried to explore this cave in April 1988.
Then in Dec 1988, 2nd expedition about this cave was done by again Himadri Mountaineers. Later this cave had disappeared for a while.
In the year 1994, newly established Ratnadurga Mountaineers searched for many caves in Ratnagiri district. This cave was cleaned again by Ratnadurga in 2000, innumerable inner stones, and liquor bottles, washed out at the time. In 2003, her face was completely covered in the landslide. Ratnadurga Mountaineers opened that cave face successfully. Since December 2003, the activity of caving is included in adventure Camp.

Contribution of Ratnadurga Mountaineers in boosting the Caving :-
In the year 2000, Members of Ratnadurga Mountaineers place to place introduced artificial anchoring in this cave. We used rock piton/peg to fix the rope for travelling through the cave (even in water portion in a cave), rope ladder (permanently fixed) to step down the rock of 15ft. At the time of caving, we always provide life jackets & helmets to each participant. Now, the cave has become safe and tourists also easily experience the activity of caving along with Ratnadurga Mountaineers, which will automatically result in an increase in tourism of Ratnagiri and earning sources of local people.


“Pramod Hanamgond

I had brought 24 Geology students of GSS college Belgaum, and had a great experience of caving organized by Ratnadurga mountaineers under their safe and professional guidance.

“Sarika Zari

Today I started to welcome new year by my adventures Ratnadurg Fort Caving Activity with my son…… It was amazing experience…. I loved it…. It was quite thrilling… and most important is that our group is guided by one of the most experienced mountaineer Ganesh Chaughule sir who was encouraging us step by step…. they never let us to feel down…. thank u team Ratnadurg… it was the most precious moment…. everyone who visit Ratnagiri must experience this…. thnks n best luck team Ratnadurg !!!!!!!!

“Suraj Bavane

We went Caving for the first time with Rantnadurga Mountaineers and it was a great experience. We didn’t know much about Caving beforehand, but our guides Ganesh were great and made sure we knew what we were doing and were safe. This activity does take a moderate level of fitness. It was a beautiful location, amazing to see nature around us. Overall, a great experience!