You are joining a most trusted club, built around a passion for the outdoors. For over 25 years, we’ve been in The Mountaineering Skills, Creating Volunteers, Conserving Nature And Historical Monuments as well as Sharing Adventures. Discover the unexplored and inexperienced places with us!!!

Check on Membership Type below :

Click here to Download Membership Form (please submit a hard copy of the membership form to our office).

The facilities of the club are available at a minimal cost. Here is the fee structure

Yearly Membership – Rs.200/-

Associate Membership – Rs. 150/year (For students 17 years and under)

Life Membership – Rs. 2000/-

Entry Fee – Rs. 50/-

Anyone above 10 years can become a member of Ratnadurga Mountaineers. Students 17 years and under can become associate members.

A person desirous of taking a membership shall forward completely filled in application form along with one passport size photograph, an entry fee and requisite fee to Ratnadurga Mountaineers.

All rights and privileges of a Member will be available to an applicant only upon approval of an application by the Committee.

It is not binding on the Committee to give reasons for rejection of membership.

Yearly member should deposit his membership fees for the next year before 31st March every year. In case of failing to do so, his membership will expire on 31st March and he will have to pay a guest fee for participating in any Trek / Event thereafter.

A member whose membership has expired will be required to pay an entry fee for fresh membership.


1. The membership of the Organization is open to any person who has completed 18 years of age and who has an interest in the activities of the organization. However, a person of age below 18 years can become an Associate member.

2. The Membership will be of five categories :

Any person who is ready to follow all goals and rules of the organization also who has completed 18 years old and is eligible to become an as a ‘Life Member’ of the organization on Entry Fee Rs.50/- and payment of Rs. 2000/- or such amounts as decided by the Committee from time to time.

Any person who was a member of the organization at the time of the foundation of it and whose application is accepted by The Committee will be eligible to become yearly member on payment of an Entry Fee Rs.50/- and on payment of a yearly subscription of Rs.200/-

The Committee confer honorary life membership on any eminent personality who has served the sport of Mountaineering and who has helped Ratnadurga Mountaineers. Such Honorary Life Membership shall not be conferred to more than two in any one year.

Children who are interested in this sport and are below the age of 18 years can become Associate Members on Entry Fee Rs.50/- and payment of Rs 150/-. After completing 18 years these members can be the yearly member on payment of Rs.200/- Such Associate Members will not have any voting rights but they can take part in discussions.

Any person who is ready to give sponsorship more than Rs. 1000/- will be identified as Well-Wisher of an organization.