Rope course

A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements.

1. Sky Walk (Burma Bridge)

The Burma Bridge structure has two parallel ropes – one above the other – strung from poles / trees. Participants are divided into teams. At one time, Participants will climb the structure from two opposite ends using ladders and walk across the ropes to the center of the structure. They will walk on one rope while holding the other one at shoulder / head height for support.

2. Commando Net

Commando Net have been used for decades as a training aid as far as climbing and crossing open spaces are concerned by the military. They are also used in a variety of playgrounds, parks, resorts, hotels, schools as well as for Adventure Park & campsite. They can be a great form of exercise, building balance and coordination without any help even realizing it. They are used for endurance, as well as strength training exercises.

3. Rope Ladder Climbing

Here participent have two climb  the ladder which is made of rope and wooden bar.The participants are secured safely to a harness and belay rope, which are handled by an instructor.

4. Tyrolean Traverse

 This challenge comes out of the rock-climbing world.  In addition to providing a peak experience by hanging out between two trees or poles, it is also a fairly tough upper body workout.  The climber is attached to a pulley that will ride across a cable.  The first half of the journey is simple, much like a very slow zip ride, but the second half is a lot of work, requiring pulling yourself along to the other side.

5. Rope Walk/Balancing

Walking on a rope at a high altitude can be very challenging, but an exciting experience for tourists. These ropes are attached to the trunks of trees and they have to walk on them from one end to another, keeping their balance all the way.

7. Tyre Walk​

A traditional playground item, the Tyre Walk provides active play which requires concentration, coordination, balance and control.